While here

While at the lodge please follow the following rules for the comfort and safety of others.

Skier on Blue Ribbon • No Smoking anywhere within the lodge. Under the awning outside the ski room - with the door closed - is acceptable.
• Store personal toiletry items in your room, not in the communal bathrooms.
• Once your clothes, slippers, street shoes, etc are dry; please remove them from the drying room.
• Think green - If you are too hot, turn down heaters rather than leave windows open.

There is a laundry downstairs for everyone's use. Please ensure that you empty the washing machine as soon as the cycle is complete, so that others may use it. The drying room may be used to effectively dry clothes and sheets.

The mountain has an excellent waste recycling service. All recyclable glass, paper and plastic should be placed in the provided clear recycle bags. We also have an organic waste disposal service - please place all food scraps (including meat, bones and egg shells) into the green waste bins for composting.

You will be sharing the lodge and facilities with others. Whilst there, please be considerate of other guests and members. No music or loud noise between 11pm and 7am.

Riding the Blue Ribbon Chair

Riding the Blue Ribbon Chair.