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The lodge has 9 bedroom/bunk rooms, 2 lounge areas, 2 kitchens and 2 dining areas. It is located directly behind Jack Frost in the heart of the club area at Mt Hotham. The lodge has the following sleeping accommodation.

* 4 bedrooms with a queen size bed and 2 single beds
* 2 Bedrooms with 1 double and 1 single bed
* 1 Bunk room with 4 single bunks
* 1 Bunkroom with 3 single bunks
* 1 Bunkroom with 5 single bunks

All linen is provided for your stay, including sheets, towels, pillows, pillowcases, doonas and blankets. When you arrive, you will be provided with a set of freshly laundered linen, then upon your departure you will be required to place your used sheets, towels and pillowcases in the laundry bag provided.

The lodge has 2 well equipped kitchens containing fridges, freezers, gas stoves, microwaves, toasters and jaffle cookers. Salt, pepper, sugar, tea, coffee and some condiments such as sauces are supplied. All other food must be provided by you.

There are a few small grocery stores at Mount Hotham that are well stocked with all the items you may require. The closest is at the General Store just near Big D. There are 3 dining tables that seat approx 12, two upstairs and one downstairs.

This is a club lodge and as such is shared by many people over the season. It is the responsibility of all users to consider others to help make everyone's stay an enjoyable one. Members and Guests are expected to clean up after themselves during their stay. This includes washing, drying and putting away dishes after use, wiping down cooktops, tables and benches, emptying rubbish bins and cleaning up any spills.  At the end of your stay, you are required to clean your room prior to checkout.  There are no additional cleaning duties.

McMillan Lodge in Summer

McMillan Lodge in Summer